5 t/m 9 September 2018   -Bataviahaven Lelystad
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Feadship ’65 Katja: A masterful rebuild that resulted in a true masterpiece; a gentleman’s pocket size superyacht.

Over the past four years, Feadship Katja has been completely rebuilt by highly qualified craftsman combining decades of experience in all trades and aspects of the Dutch yachting industry. The restoration was conducted under the leadership of Paul Hoffman (Haarlem, The Netherlands, 1963).

Well Paul Hoffman, who made his mark in rebuilding villa's, town houses, airplanes and yachts, considered this beautiful 1966 Feadship hull as his version of a clean sheet of paper. With love and respect for the unique heritage of this "lost treasure" he created a dream yacht along the principles of what he perceives to be the best of Dutch boat building tradition. Feadship Katja is ready for the future; a new chapter lies ahead.