5 t/m 9 September 2018   -Bataviahaven Lelystad

Meet fellow sailors over coffee!
A range of unique boats are gracing the HISWA Amsterdam in-water Boat Show 2017 with their presence. The Boats with a Story pavilion features skippers, owners or builders of sailing or motoryachts who share their stories and adventures directly on their boat. From exciting builds to world travels, the pavilion adds some serious excitement to the quays. Walewijn de Vaal’s Antares, Mark Slats’ Maverick and accompanying rowboat, Sander Vogelenzang’s Boatsje, Stichting Behoud Boeier’s Ludana and the editorial team’s Zoef are all on show at the Boats with a Story pavilion.

location G15
time 10:00 - 18:00