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UK-De Vries Sails

Sails, canvas and rigging: everything under one roof
The world of sail making is changing. We adapt and change our tactics, but we don't let go of our roots. That's why the name De Vries Sails and our red Frisian pompeblêd remain visible in our new logo. It reflects what we are and what we will remain: sober, reliable and (sometimes a little too) modest.
UK Sailmakers International
UK Sailmakers is a large, internationally operating sailmakers' organisation to which more than 50 independent sailmakers from all over the world are affiliated. This makes UK Sailmakers one of the top three in the world. The real strength lies in the size and structure of the organisation. This makes it possible to free up budgets for research and development, to purchase together, to exchange know-how and to centralise production for specific products.
Fully independent sailmaker
It has always been our ambition to be able to provide our customers with the best possible service in the field of sailing. In order to be able to continue to do this in the future, cooperation has become an absolute necessity. UK- De Vries Sails remains for you De Vries Sails, a fully independent sailmaker with offices all over The Netherlands!

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UK-De Vries Sails
Compagnieshaven 9
1601ZA Enkhuizen