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SailSelect Zeilmakerij

SailSelect is a Dutch sailmaker that has its production carried out by three parties that are among the best in the industry. These are Rolly Tasker Sails (Thailand), Durtek (Sri-Lanka), and Banks (Italy).

SailSelect supplies sails throughout Europe and has dealerships in various countries. We prefer to measure the sails ourselves on your yacht to be sure about the sizes. This personal contact also offers the opportunity to advise you on how to optimize your sailing plan and how to adapt it to your wishes and application.

Of course we provide a full service for repairs, cleaning, advice and rigging. Canvas products such as sprayhoods, tube caps, bimini's, winter tents, tarpaulins, etc. we do not do ourselves but most of our service points/dealers do.

SailSelect offers you the advantages of doing business with a small, flexible and customer-oriented local sailmaker with the products and know-how of the world's largest and leading sailmakers at its core. We have been doing this for more than 13 years and have been offering a unique price/quality ratio for years. You are most welcome at our office to come to the best offer.

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SailSelect Zeilmakerij
Uitdammer Dorpsstraat 35
1154 PS Uitdam