Stand number G12A

Princess Yachts Benelux BV

Princess Yachts Benelux is a Dutch family business representing the British exclusive yacht brand Princess. Based in the picturesque harbour of Heusden, the Schalkwijk family does not only sell these high-end luxury yachts. Driven by their endless passion for yachting, they also created a wide and international network of sales- and service partners. It allows yacht owners from Holland until the Mediterranean to rely on the skills and experience of a trustworthy service network no matter which activities are demanded. But this enthusiastic teams’ service level reaches even further. Yacht owners can make an appeal on Princess Yachts Benelux for their regular maintenance, re-fits and storage and for the purchase or sale of new and pre-owned ships. By carefully selecting the best yachts in this exclusive market, Princess Yachts Benelux guarantees maximum personal attention to the ship as well as to its proud owner.

Address details

Princess Yachts Benelux BV
Scheepswerf 1A
5256 PL Heusden