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Movida Telecom & Telematica

The worlds of telecom, security and installation are constantly changing. Processes are more and more carried out digitally, which leads to many changes. This digitisation process also offers valuable opportunities for yourself and/or your organisation. It contributes to more insight, higher productivity, improved service and higher user satisfaction.
Specialisation is required in order to be able to take full advantage of these opportunities. As specialists in telecom, security and installation solutions, Movida, MDP and Mobile RED build on more than twenty-five years of experience. Our goal is to relieve our customers of these areas of knowledge. MDP provides Movida, Mobile RED and its relations with national and specialised support for locations anywhere in the Netherlands and Belgium. And Mobile RED takes care of the security products and services for the automotive and maritime sector. All this is coordinated at the office in Lelystad.
Movida is a real family business, where everything revolves around 'with and for each other'. We also put this philosophy into practice for our customers. We like short lines of communication and ensure that our services contribute to a long-term relationship. Installation takes place on a 'one stop' basis: you will receive new and replacement equipment at any desired location in the Netherlands, installed and built in with the correct data. We provide products and services, such as:
- Mobile telephony, wifi and satellite technologies
- Tracking systems
- Vehicle and vessel security
- Media and audio installations
- Installation throughout the Netherlands.

Address details

Movida Telecom & Telematica
Ketelmeerstraat 198
8226 JX Lelystad