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Juweliershuis Aalbers

Juweliershuis Aalbers offers several services:
In order to preserve your beloved jewellery and watches, it is important that they are checked regularly. When you bring your jewelry and watches to us for verification, we look at the setting of the stone, the hinges and closures. After inspection, the jewellery is cleaned and polished.
For watches with a quartz movement, it is important that the battery is replaced in time, in addition to which we immediately check the water resistance and clean the tires. Damage is also repaired by our goldsmiths where possible. When space permits, small repairs are carried out immediately and free of charge. Watches purchased from us are always provided with a new battery free of charge if necessary.
Doing repairs has always been an important part of our jewelry house. The five qualified, full-time goldsmiths take care of all repairs of gold and silver jewelry so that most repairs always remain within the walls of Jeweler's House Aalbers.
For the repair of watches we have in addition to our regular watchmaker a close contact with the watch brands so that we can make use of their internationally trained watchmakers. This guarantees the required quality.
Our regular clockmaker is also available for wall clocks. Both antique clocks and modern clocks can be repaired by us. If necessary, we will pick up the clocks at your home and bring them back to you, repaired, of course.
We will be happy to carry out a professional valuation of your jewellery for you. In addition to the current valuation, which is always good to know, a valuation is also necessary if you consider insuring your jewelry. In the certificate that we give with the purchased jewelry, we always state clearly the specifications (carat content, stone type, weight and the like) along with a clear picture of the jewel. This certificate is also considered by the insurance as an appraisal value. However, it is advisable to have your valuation reviewed every three years.

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Juweliershuis Aalbers
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