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L.J. Harri - Watersportmedia

L.J. Harri in Amsterdam (since 1730) and Observator Watersport are the specialists in the Netherlands in the field of nautical maps, books and non-electronic navigation instruments. In addition to all sea maps, inland navigation maps and standard nautical books, there is a very extensive and specialist international library that covers areas such as construction, restoration and engineering.

You can also contact us with questions about travel planning and preparation. We offer you the possibility to use pilots, based on our advice, long before your departure to enjoy all the beauty that you come across on the water at home or abroad. You couldn't have wished for a better preparation.
With a wide range of products such as our own, aging quickly strikes. That is why we are happy to answer your questions in person. On our site you will not find book titles or card numbers, but the possibility to ask your question in a simple e-mail. We will inform you quickly and adequately about the current possibilities with the corresponding books, maps and prices. Go to

Water sports media promises a medium in which water sports enthusiasts and water sports companies who have something to say can share their story, their product and their experiences directly with other water sports enthusiasts, share their experiences and experiences and, also, that their products sell. With the arrival of the tablet computer, the I-pad and its nephews, the possibility is created to quickly, easily, beautifully and interactively get in touch with readers; fellow water sports enthusiasts.

Tablets offer possibilities that go beyond a book or a magazine, even in the digital form of e-book or e-magazine. Watersportmedia offers a platform for water sports enthusiasts, companies and organisations to get their message across quickly, easily and entirely under their own management.

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L.J. Harri - Watersportmedia
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