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Hagoort Sails B.V.

At Hagoort Sails, the client is the main focus and, regardless of the size and size, his request is always handled at the highest level. This institution obliges Hagoort Sails not only to work with the best suppliers, but also to work with skilled professionals.
You can expect us to have knowledge and experience in all areas of the sail making business. We see the computer as an advanced tool that supports production. We believe that this is not only decisive in our work, but that it is also about something else: Craftsmanship, which is always the work of people.
A perfect sail depends on many factors. One of the most important factors is the quality of the design. Years of experience in the competitions help us to test our designs in practice. The design must also match your specific situation and wishes. Another important factor is the choice of material. We only use first-class sailcloth from leading suppliers such as Contender; Dimension Polyant and Bainbridge. Our staff can help you to achieve your goals and will be happy to advise you properly.
It would be too much to go into detail about our pricing and working methods here. We will be happy to discuss everything with you during a quotation or sales meeting. The aim of the Hagoort Sails production line is to deliver custom-made sails, which is why we make all sails to order and have no stock.

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Hagoort Sails B.V.
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