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Mercury Marine - Beekman Watersport

The love for water sports is our driving force.
And that love is deep, but it also goes far back. Since the 1960s Beekman Watersport has been a leading company with everything in the field of motorized water sports. Beekman Senior once started building boats in a small shed in Goes. Self-taught as he was, he has gained so much knowledge and has been able to deliver many boats with pride. When several people came to ask for advice about the purchase of a new boat, a new idea came up. Not only building, but also advising and selling. Because Beekman senior started building, he knew everything about the boats. The knowledge and love for water sports continued to grow and was soon passed on to the next generation.
Jack Beekman has seen his father work for the company for years until the moment was there to take over the company. With his father's knowledge, and the energy and ambition to grow, he set to work full of enthusiasm. Now, 60 years later, he and his colleagues are still running the business with dedication and it is every day goal to provide customers with expert advice in order to convey the love of water sports. Because to this day, that is still the driving force.
It all started with building boats and with this we have gained all the knowledge and experience to provide our customers with the right advice. We know how beautiful it is to sail, how the boat works and what water sports are all about. And you can see that.

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Mercury Marine - Beekman Watersport
Kloetingseweg 5
4462 AT Goes