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Since 2003 we specialize in long-distance sailing yachts. Garcia Expedition Ships, deck salons for hot and cold areas. Outremer Catamarans for those who want to get around the world fast and upright. Allures, aluminium hulls with a composite deck structure, with variable draught.
The Allures 45.9 is already the third generation of sailing yachts built by the shipyard in the 45-foot range. Departures often come back to the yard to share their experiences. This input makes every ship better than its predecessor, sometimes even within the range. Every weld, every propeller, every detail is worked out in 3D by our own engineering team on the basis of drawings by Olivier Racoupeau -the designer. As a result, an improvement can be implemented centrally so that all ships benefit from it. This way of working makes the production scalable.
Allures is part of Grand Large Yachting. Most of our suppliers work as an independent company within this group. This promotes reliability and creativity. A yacht is a complex product and some competencies are so far apart that the inventors and executives at most yards hardly ever meet each other. At Grand Large Yachting, everyone works for the same group and has the same dream: long distance sailing. The employees are not competitors of each other but colleagues. And that stimulates the many innovations in Allures sailing yachts.
Even within the series construction -Allures 39.9, 45.9 and 51.9, personal adjustments are possible. After all, everything is designed in 3D and an innovation can be incorporated into the design programme by means of an adjustment. Larger yachts, the Explocat 52, Garcia Exploration 60, but also the Allures 51.9 are sometimes adapted shoulder to shoulder by the client and the shipyard.
Because long-distance sailors have an unpleasant habit of doing what the boat is built for, we rarely find them in one place for longer periods of time. However, we regularly manage to seduce owners to start their first long trips from our harbour at the Lauwersmeer. They will be happy to take you on a trial run. We spend much of our time in France. At the shipyard in Cherbourg, we supervise the construction and deliver the ships for the Dutch and Flemish markets. Want to try out the ships, or see them under construction? You are most welcome! But first we would like to show you the latest Allures 45.9 on the Hiswa, before the owners - together with their doggie - choose the world seas.

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Allures | Rossinante
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