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Wajer Yachts

We build luxurious open day-boats up to 55ft. Our boats are characterised by a blend of elegance and performance. We continuously pioneer ground-breaking innovations in pursuit of the perfect sailing experience. While our boats are completely hand made, don’t let that craftsmanship fool you: they are the most technologically advanced out there. Still a family-owned business, we build our boats completely in house with obsessive attention to detail. After our boats set sail, we offer outstanding service that goes above and beyond the call of duty. Everything for the perfect day on the water - without a worry.
Wajer yachts can be found cruising the seven seas and many more lakes and canals around the world. We have service centres in The Netherlands, France, Spain, the United Arab Emirates and the USA. The current fleet consists of the original Captain’s Launch, the 37, 38, 38S, the mighty 55 and 55S.

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Wajer Yachts
It Butlan 16
8621 DV Heeg