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Rake Rigging bv

Full service rigger Rake Rigging
Rake Rigging bv is a full service rigging company in Medemblik for the maintenance and storage of masts, booms and sails. We also supply new masts, sails, fittings, standing and running rigging. Rake Rigging is located on the grounds of Medemblik Yacht Service at the Overleek in Medemblik.
Passion for sailing
We share a passion for sailing with our customers. As seasoned and passionate (racing) sailors, we know how important it is that you can rely on your rigging. That's why we check and double-check our work and preferably use the best materials and brands.
Open Calculations
We always work with open calculations, so that you have a clear insight into the material and time consumption of the work that we carry out for you. We prefer working with a pre-defined price so that our customers never have any surprises afterwards. Only in exceptional cases, when the work is very difficult to estimate, do we work on the basis of subsequent costing.
Reliable quality
We also believe that our customers should be able to rely on us, both in terms of the quality of our work and the quality of our service throughout the season. A deal is always a deal for us.
Customers are our customers, wherever they are. If you are on location with a problem with your rigging, we will always make sure that it is solved. Either by visiting you yourself or by sending a company that Rake cooperates with to you. Recently we joined team Lancelin, an international network of quality riggers, which enables us to offer this service on an international level as well.

Address details

Rake Rigging bv
Overleek 7
1671 GD Medemblik