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Quantum Sails

At Quantum, we connect with all sailors through our passion for the sport and our belief that defying every challenge is rewarding indefinitely. For us, this means that we do not shy away from a challenge, especially if that is what it takes to bring our customers and the industry to new, better places. We consider your challenge to be ours.
Since 1996 we have focused on offering the best performing sails in the industry. Now we challenge ourselves to deliver a higher standard of service, training, customer service and mentoring than you are used to in this industry. This is how we help sailors of all levels to live their passion and realize their dreams.
Quantum has taken the art of making sails to the next level by developing the most efficient and fastest possible sail shapes. Our patented iQ Technology® system has been developed by experts with more than 20 years of expertise in both sailing and engineering. The iQ Technology® program is used by our experienced designers for virtual testing and analysis of aerodynamic performance and to determine the ideal structure for each sail. Through the integration of state-of-the-art sail designs
Quantum Sails and production methods with water verification have been perfected to offer sailors of all levels excellent performance, continuity and repeatability.

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Quantum Sails
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