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North Sails

Our Story
In 1957 there was an engineer and Star sailor named Lowell North who thought he could make a faster sail. In a small garage in San Diego he started the base for the company that is North Sails today. By combining his scientific knowledge with the traditional sailmaker's craft, Lowell quickly turned the sailmaker's world upside down with faster sail designs, innovative material developments and a consistent production process.
North Sails has become the world's leading sailmaker through a continued commitment to superior performance, technical innovation and improving our customers' sailing experience. North Sails also delivers industry-leading off-course designs produced with our patented tarpaulins - everything to enable you to experience your adventures your way, with sails that perform better and last longer.
Our global sales and service network includes seven centralized manufacturing sailmakers and more than 150 sales and service locations worldwide and 1600 employees. With the best and most talented team in the industry, North Sails is more than qualified to deliver an unparalleled sailing experience.  In the Netherlands you can find us in Rotterdam and Almere.
Go North. Go Beyond.

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North Sails
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3066 GS Rotterdam