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The LALIZAS Group is world renowned for its cutting-edge technology, its commercial presence in more than 130 countries, its high levels of product availability and because of its wide range of solutions.
The LALIZAS brand was founded back in 1982 by Mr. Lalizas as a provider-company of life saving appliances. Throughout the years the brand has expanded from a simple lifejacket producer to a leading manufacturer, distributor and provider of LSA products, at the most competitive prices. The brand is the no. 1 choice for safety equipment, offering solutions through an extensive portfolio of products and services in the international market, having sold million lifejackets worldwide. All products are manufactured under the strictest quality procedures and control and comply with international regulations, which has made the brand synonymous with Safety. The most renowned products for the recreational market are the Kappa and Theta lifejackets, which combine the ergonomic cutting edge design with high quality.
Lofrans’ was founded in 1966 and since its first day of operations was focused on a single and unique product, the original anchor windlass. Maintaining its vision, Lofrans’ continues its outstanding course as an elite manufacturer and as the first one to design and generate innovating anchoring solutions of the highest quality and performance, based on intensive research for the yachting industry. At Lofrans’ the extremely stringent selection of components and the utilization of specific marine materials are a must, contributing to the longevity, evolution and quality of the windlasses. The product range includes both vertical and horizontal windlasses.
Founded in 1987, MAX Power is a prominent manufacturer of thrusting solutions, extended from a simple tunnel thruster to the top-of-the-range compact retractable thrusters. MAX Power has developed through continuous research and by applying the latest science in engineering a full vessel maneuverability range that is defined by excellence, credibility, reliability as well as maximum power and is destined for yachts of all types and sizes. The brand strives for technology innovations, something that can be reflected in the high quality products that bring the ultimate performance into the world of everyday yachting. Confirming its mission, MAX Power combined the cost effective simplicity of DC electrics with the high performance characteristics of retractable units, producing the Retractable Series.
Over 52 years of Nuova Rade’s experience in designing, manufacturing and selling marine plastic accessories has made the brand the highest ranked among the plastic equipment providers in the industry. Nuova Rade’s mission is to improve its product quality every day by applying completely automated injection, rotational and blow moulding technologies. The impressive and unlimited production capacity, the material selection of premium quality as well as the continuous development of new products and research for new technologies and materials are all key assets of the brand. Another asset of the brand is the huge variety of product offerings that encompass hatches, tanks (fuel and water tanks), deck, plumbing and ventilation equipment, engine accessories etc.
OCEAN, the world’s well known designer and manufacturer of boat fenders, has provided an excellent variety of solid boat fenders, bow and stern, since 1985. OCEAN’s new factory is also the biggest manufacturing plant for fenders in the world, increasing the production capacity to 1000 fenders per day, while the stock availability is up to 98%. The expansion of the product range is constant and all fending solutions are uniquely made to bring only maximum protection to the most prestigious boat owners. OCEAN Fenders does not only offer the unique solid boat fenders, but also manufactures the top-seller “H” heavy duty series, the MAGNUS fenders, which are suitable for Super Yachts, and the popular “R” Series of buoys.

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