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Motorboot Magazine

Motorboat Magazine informs, inspires, enthuses with a Passion for Sailing.

Motorboat is the only independent title in the Netherlands that focuses 100% on motorized recreational boating.

Motorboat Magazine was founded in 1983 by journalist Wil Horsthuis and filmmaker Pim Korver. Hans Papenburg succeeded Wil as editor-in-chief in 2005. After Hans' sudden death in 2017, Yvonne Zwaan, who had worked as an editor for the magazine for many years, followed in his footsteps. Frank van Gils, who has been working for Motorboat for almost 30 years, is responsible for the acquisition of the successful water sports magazine.

Motorboat was taken over by Roskam Media from Ermelo on 1 October 2015. Since then Motorboat has grown into a 100-page glossy magazine that is published monthly. The title has developed into a cross-media brand and is active with its own platform ( and a Facebook, Instagram and Twitter account. A digital magazine is in preparation.
In addition, actions and events are regularly organised for readers and subscribers. In this way, Motorboat gives the broadest possible interpretation to its mission: to inform, inspire and enthuse.

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Motorboot Magazine
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